Chucho Martínez

Head Editor, Layout

Chucho is a rising junior majoring in Architecture (but on leave for the 2020-21 academic year). He's currently working at an architecture firm and compulsively buying books he doesn't read. 

Carla Decombes

Layout Designer

Carla is a sophomore from Paris, France majoring in History of Art and Cognitive Science. Usually found flaunting in museums but currently baking banana bread like everyone else. 

Meg Buzbee

Layout Designer

Meg is a sophomore from Brooklyn studying Environmental Science at Yale with an interest in environmental humanities, ecology, graphic design, and linguistics. She spends her free time walking and talking and looking at trees. 

Sophie Durney

Web & Social Media Editor and Layout Designer

Sophia is a senior at Yale studying molecular biology with an interest in foreign languages and graphic design. She loves to skateboard, go on outdoor adventures, and do pottery!

Eunice Kiang

Layout Designer and Website Editor

Eunice is a freshman from Los Angeles, CA. Since she loves drawing and painting, design, and animation, she plans to major in Computing and the Arts and Design. She also enjoys swimming, watching anime and kdrama, and playing Genshin Impact for leisure.

Leonie Wisowaty

Copy Editor and Layout Designer

Leonie is a first-year from New York City planning to major in either history or politics. She is interested in sustainable fashion and fashion photography, and in her free time she loves (to attempt) to design her own clothing. 

Zack Hauptman

Copy Editor, Reviewer/Interviewer, and Layout Designer

Zack Hauptman is a first-year from Los Angeles, California. He is interested in writing and the intersection of popular culture and art & politics. You can  find him in the Starr Reading Room in Sterling Memorial Library or listening to bad pop music on Cross Campus. 

Joji Baratelli

Layout Designer