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Asterisk* elects its leadership for the 2022 - 2023 cycle

The 2022-2023 cycle sees new Editors-in-Chief and Head and Managing Editors enter leadership amid a period of strong growth for the journal.

News –– 23 January 2022

by Sketchbook Staff

NEW HAVEN — The Asterisk* Journal of Art and Art History has announced the election of its leadership for the 2022-2023 cycle.

The new leadership comes as much of the journal’s founding generation graduates. The incoming leadership provides a mix of journal veterans and newcomers.

Asterisk* finds itself at a moment of maturation and developing institutional memory — further developing these trends in the journal is one of the prime goals of the leadership as it enters its fifth publication cycle.

The leadership anticipates print publication coming soon for the journal, which has been publishing on this online platform since its first issue in Spring 2020. Amid other initiatives are the further development of Asterisk*’s web presence (with the launching of Sketchbook) and Instagram presence (@asteriskjournal). Leadership team members will implement all of these with the help of Asterisk*'s growing team of contributors — including 53 members at the publishing of ISSUE 004.


Abigail Yadegar


Abigail is a sophomore from Los Angeles studying the History of Art at Yale. She is passionate about using art to delve into different cultures and religions. When she’s not geeking out at a museum, reading poetry, or learning new languages, she’s probably studying opera or oil painting.


Eliot Carlson


Eliot is a junior from New Haven majoring in Statistics & Data Science, but has had a passion for art his whole life. Currently, when he’s not swamped with problem sets, he is working on mastering Indian cooking.


Nico Prescott (he/him)

Head Editor, Web, Social Media, & Sketchbook

Nico is a first-year from Guadalajara, México. He plans to major in Economics and Global Affairs. When he's not in class, he's travelling, going to the same museums,  reading Garcia Márquez, and procrastinating on learning to drive.

A49AF5BC-03CA-4ABF-871E-8B4AB806FFC8 - Karela Palazio.jpeg

Karela Palazio

Co-Head Editor, Layout

Karela is a first-year in Saybrook. She’s interested in exploring the intersection of art and architecture through furniture design and loves collecting spoons and drawing.


Andres Rincón

Co-Head Editor, Layout

Andrés Rincón is a first-year from Miami, Florida considering in majoring in sociology or ER&M. Andrés is interested in medical anthropology, art, and the intersection of fashion and performance art. 


Chela Simón Trench (she/they)

Social Chair, Co-Head Editor, Sketchbook

Chela is a first-year majoring in History of Art.  She loves installations that interact with their surrounding land and considers the journey to artworks part of the emotion a piece elicits.  She is also fascinated by how contemporary artists around the globe maintain authentic creative voices under sometimes crushing external pressures. Chela speaks Mandarin, Spanish, and is training to be a tea master.


Tina Oyanguren

Managing Editor

Tina, or Ms. Tiny as her Zoom art class calls her, is a senior from Nicaragua. Majoring in History of Art, she is interested in Surrealism and Latin American art. Currently on a gap year, she is learning how to cook, drive, and do other adult things like making Tik Toks. 


Libby Kern

Managing Editor

Libby is a senior from the San Francisco Bay Area and is majoring in the History of Art. In her free time, she loves doing yoga, hiking, and playing tennis on Yale’s club team.

IMG_3252 4.jpg

Daniella Sanchez

Managing Editor

Daniella Sanchez is a freshman from Miami, Florida pursuing the History of Art and Anthropology at Yale University. She is interested in tribal art, and the intersection between cultural traditions and art. She loves drawing, writing poetry, and going for long runs. 

–– Meet the 2022-2023 Leadership

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