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Nico Prescott (he/him)

Head Editor, Web, Social Media

Nico is a first-year from Guadalajara, México. He plans to major in Economics and Global Affairs. When he's not in class, he's travelling, going to the same museums,  reading Garcia Márquez, and procrastinating on learning to drive.

35320E7C-938F-47B0-84F5-79E0C024FAF7 - Olivia Bell.jpeg

Olivia Bell

Social Media Editor

Olivia is a first-year from Chicago, interested in literature, French new wave, and ancient ruins. She spends way too much time on Letterboxd and Co-Star, and is usually writing poetry.

F0402B40-575B-4E98-BBAE-0787244F10EF - Sanaa Williams.JPG

Sanaa Williams

Social Media Editor

Sanaa is a first year from West Orange, NJ. She is interested in double majoring in art and economics. In her free time she enjoys acrylic painting, playing tennis, and baking homemade cookies.

A49AF5BC-03CA-4ABF-871E-8B4AB806FFC8 - Karela Palazio.jpeg

Karela Palazio

Web & Social Media Editor

Karela is a first-year in Saybrook. She’s interested in exploring the intersection of art and architecture through furniture design and loves collecting spoons and drawing.

IMG_0468 - Karen Lin.JPG

Karen Lin

Web & Social Media Editor and Layout Designer

Karen is a sophomore from Texas interested in the intersection of art, design, and technology. In between problem sets, she enjoys wandering museums, taking photos, running, and making insufficient dents in her reading list.

IMG_4221 - Sophia Durney.JPG

Sophia Durney

Web & Social Media Editor and Layout Designer

Sophia is a senior at Yale studying molecular biology with an interest in foreign languages and graphic design. She loves to skateboard, go on outdoor adventures, and do pottery!

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 2.09.42 PM - Charlotte Simonds.png

Charlotte Simonds

Social Media Editor

Charlotte is a first-year from Los Angeles. She is in Silliman College and a prospective EP&E major. She enjoys traveling, learning new languages, and telling people that she played varsity golf in high school.

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