Farid Djamalov

Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief

Farid is a rising senior from Montreal majoring in the History of Art at Yale. He is interested in photography, Soviet nonconformism and queer theory, and speaks six languages. 

Eliot Carlson

Managing Editor

Eliot is a sophomore from New Haven majoring in Statistics & Data Science, but has had a passion for art his whole life. Currently, when he’s not swamped with problem sets, he is working on mastering Indian cooking.

Sarah Tang


Sarah is a junior from New York studying History of Art. She loves landscape painting, baking and decorating cakes, and her favorite meal is breakfast for dinner!

Ivy Vuong

Editor-at-Large and Copy Editor

Ivy is a sophomore from San Diego studying History of Art at Yale. In her free time, she dances for Yale’s Rhythmic Blue, bakes the best brown butter chocolate-chip cookies, and searches for sunny spots on campus to read. 

Carla Decombes

Layout Designer and Copy Editor

Carla is a sophomore from Paris, France majoring in History of Art and Cognitive Science. Usually found flaunting in museums but currently baking banana bread like everyone else. 

Leonie Wisowaty

Copy Editor and Layout Designer

Leonie is a first-year from New York City planning to major in either history or politics. She is interested in sustainable fashion and fashion photography, and in her free time she loves (to attempt) to design her own clothing. 

Adam Nussbaum

Copy Editor and Reviewer/Interviewer

Adam is a first year from San Diego interested in food sovereignty and the environmental humanities. He loves fennel and beets and thinks museums should be comfier.

Charlie Nevins

Copy Editor and Reviewer/Interviewer

Charlie is a first-year from Los Angeles interested in film, literature, and photography. He has a passion for noodles and used bookstores.

Zack Hauptman

Copy Editor, Reviewer/Interviewer, and Layout Designer

Zack Hauptman is a first-year from Los Angeles, California. He is interested in writing and the intersection of popular culture and art & politics. You can  find him in the Starr Reading Room in Sterling Memorial Library or listening to bad pop music on Cross Campus. 

Tyler Watts

Copy Editor and Layout Designer

Tyler is a freshman from Chicago, Illinois considering a major in sociology or philosophy! She is a coffee fanatic who may or may not psychoanalyze you upon finding out your zodiac sign. Her current obsessions: Gregg Araki movies, Kilo Kish, and the color blue.

Odessa Goldberg

Copy Editor

Odessa Goldberg is a first-year in Branford College, hoping to study cognitive science. She is passionate about art history, reading, philosophy, neuroscience, and slam poetry. Other interests include the NYT crossword, Paint by Numbers, Formula One, and political dramas.

Tina Oyanguren


Tina, or Ms. Tiny as her Zoom art class calls her, is a rising junior from Nicaragua. Majoring in History of Art, she is interested in Surrealism and Latin American art. Currently on a gap year, she is learning how to cook, drive, and do other adult things like making Tik Toks. 

Alex Nelson

Copy Editor

Alex is a first-year from Louisiana who plans on studying History of Science, Medicine, & Public Health at Yale and following the pre-med track. She enjoys learning about the interconnectedness of science and art and is particularly passionate about human rights issues. In her very limited free time, Alex enjoys reading Russian classics, learning new languages (currently Chinese and Korean), and cramming as much useless information into her brain as possible.

Libby Kern

Managing Editor and Treasurer

Libby is a rising junior from the San Francisco Bay Area and is majoring in the History of Art. In her free time, she loves doing yoga, hiking, and playing tennis on Yale’s club team.

Abigail Yadegar


Abigail is a first-year from Los Angeles studying the History of Art at Yale. She is passionate about using art to delve into different cultures and religions. When she’s not geeking out at a museum, reading poetry, or learning new languages, she’s probably studying opera or oil painting.

Lily Canfield

Editor-at-Large and Copy Editor

Lily is a rising junior from Atlanta majoring in the History of Art at Yale. While on her gap year, she spends her time working on art projects, interning in the fashion industry, and trying to keep up with her growing movie watchlist.

Daniella Sanchez

Copy Editor

Daniella Sanchez is a freshman from Miami, Florida pursuing the History of Art and Anthropology at Yale University. She is interested in tribal art, and the intersection between cultural traditions and art. She loves drawing, writing poetry, and going for long runs. 

Maia Siegel


Maia Siegel is a first-year from New York City. She writes poetry, obsessively watches Paul Schrader movies, and is probably listening to a Faye Wong album right now.

Lucy Hodgman


Lucy Hodgman is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York. She is majoring in English and likes to spend her free time talking about art and cultural history, taking walks around campus, and working on her French. 

Narciso Novogratz

Copy Editor and Reviewer/Interviewer

Narciso is a first-year from New York studying anthropology at Yale. You can usually find him spiritually transcending at the Cloisters or reading post-structural theory. 

Sophie Chmelar

Copy Editor

Sophie is a first-year from New Haven. She is interested in ceramics and expressionism. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and wood carving.   

Chela Simón-Trench

Social Chair and Reviewer/Interviewer

Chela is a first-year from Los Angeles, California.  She is a prospective History of Art major in Ben Franklin College.  In her free time, she loves to swim and watch 30 Rock over and over again.