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Please submit a 300-word abstract that details the thesis of your essay along with the logical line of argumentation that leads you to it. Furthermore, attach a 2,500-3,000-word essay in a Microsoft Word Document with all of the images you reference in the essay. You can use a maximum of 6 artworks per essay. It would be preferable if the essay is already in Chicago citation style (including footnotes, bibliography, etc.). We will peer review all essays. Writers selected for publication will receive drafts for revision, prior to final publication.


Please submit a photograph of your artworks as individual and high-resolution “.jpgs” with their titles as file names. Furthermore, please attach a 200-word description of the artwork in a Microsoft Word Document. All photographable mediums of creative work will be considered (painting, photography, digital art, drawings, etc.).

how to submit

The submission period for our Fall 2023 issue closed on Monday, October 23rd at 11:59pm. We will begin to accept submissions for our Spring 2024 issue in early 2024. 

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