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Stay-at-home, 2020

Go Eun Lee

Boston University


In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, I built a wearable sculpture using reclaimed cardboard materials to investigate contrasting ideas between public and private spaces. Densely populated cities like Seoul, where I grew up, inspired the cardboard structure. This theatrical work metaphorizes cramped apartment complex clusters as an architectural barrier around the wearer’s body, enabling the wearer to be inside while still free to interact with the outside world. Designed as a performative experience in addition to photography, this project challenges the loopholes of “stay at home.”

The Stay-at-Home project aims to raise awareness of 2020’s cultural and social trends to stay at home, keep 6 feet apart, and wear a face mask. It encourages viewers to not only question how they interact in private and public spaces, but also reexamine our relationship between going out and staying in, exposed by this wearable structure. With photographs of the building-like sculpture, this project documents the liminal space between the “stay at home” orders throughout the pandemic and normalcy, which we are all eagerly waiting for.

stay-at-home 1.JPG
stay-at-home 4.JPG
stay-at-home 3.JPG
stay-at-home 2.JPG
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