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The Shower

The Basement

The Yellow Room's Mirror

The Panes

Hayley Pierpont

Scripps College


Through these four paintings, I explore the tangible and intangible that I associate with my name and identity. The interiors depicted come from my Grammy’s beach-side home in Connecticut, a vital part of my childhood. The house’s recent sale made me question how a place passed down through my family — a place attached to my name — could be let go of with seemingly no regrets. To further this sentimentality, I used acrylic to paint atop tempera drawings I made at age four (there is a “signature” and date visible in some corners). I tend to hold onto things far past the point that they have any viable meaning, as I did with this rudimentary collection of artworks and my memories from Grammy’s house. This made it important for me to continue working on these pieces from my youth, risking their “destruction,” in order to prove to myself I can move past my nostalgia, while still honoring the past. This collection acts as an ode to a place, a past, and its effects on my present.

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