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Abigail Yadegar (she/her)

Co-Editor in Chief

Abigail is a junior from Los Angeles studying the History of Art. She is specializing in British art, and is particularly interested in the post-WWII period. When she’s not geeking out at the YCBA as a gallery guide, music directing her Yale a cappella group, or packing her G-cal with various commitments and events, she can be found on her never-ending hunt for good bookstores.


Nico Prescott (he/him)

Managing Editor, Sketchbook

Nico is a first-year from Guadalajara, México. He plans to major in Economics and Global Affairs. When he's not in class, he's travelling, going to the same museums,  reading Garcia Márquez, and procrastinating on learning to drive.


Chela Simón-Trench (she/they)

Managing Editor, Sketchbook

Chela is a first-year majoring in History of Art.  She loves installations that interact with their surrounding land and considers the journey to artworks part of the emotion a piece elicits.  She is also fascinated by how contemporary artists around the globe maintain authentic creative voices under sometimes crushing external pressures. Chela speaks Mandarin, Spanish, and is training to be a tea master.


Maria Giacoman

Sketchbook Copy Editor

Maria is a freshman from Monterrey, Mexico. She is a prospective Global Affairs major in Branford College. Her hobbies include playing soccer and basketball, trying to sing like Shakira and bringing different Mexican snacks after every break for her suitemates to try.

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Daniella Sanchez (she/her)

Co-Editor in Chief

Daniella Sanchez is a sophomore from Miami, Florida pursuing a double major in the History of Art and Comparative Literature at Yale University. She is interested in tribal art, and the intersection between cultural traditions and art. She loves drawing, writing poetry, and going for long runs. 

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Zelda Barnz (she/they)

Sketchbook Editor-at-Large

Zelda (or simply Z!) is a first-year from Los Angeles in Trumbull College. She plans to major in English with a writing concentration. Their current obsessions include Love Island, 35mm photography, flavored coffee, and making disjointed Spotify playlists.


Lucía Amaya Martínez (she/her)

Contributing Editor, Sketchbook

Lucía is a freshman from Bogotá, Colombia majoring in History and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Studies at Yale. She is interested in poetry, Latin American literature, and art as a medium of the creation of resistance and historic memory which includes historically marginalized groups. 

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