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Twisted Fate (2).jpg

Twisted Fate, 2021


Vianna Nguyen

University of Southern Florida


Materiality is used to bring the Eastern Asian myth, the Red Thread of Fate, to life. The belief originates in China and tells of two people being connected through a single invisible red cord, alluding to each of their destinies to meet each other. Red thread is wrapped around two hand molds, taking their form, and are connected through a long, tangled red thread on their pinkies, representing the unparalleled, strong bond that the two unnamed soulmates share. The color red is used for the thread as it represents luck, happiness and prosperity in Asian cultures; the two souls manage to find each other even when confronted by life’s many obstacles. The thread-covered hands are a tangible manifestation of each being’s soul; this sculpture demonstrates how they find and stay with one another. The thread flowing through their bodies and into each other symbolizes an unspoken promise to find one another at each of life’s stages, no matter how long it takes; the thread may tangle and strain, but it will never break.

You can read an extended interview between Asterisk*  and Vianna here

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